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Disaster recovery

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Enjoy maximum uptime and fully-redundant infrastructure through our disaster recovery service

Would even a short downtime of your IT infrastructure have a devastating impact upon your business? In business continuity planning, you need to consider the unthinkable. What would happen if the data centre is hit by an airplane or flooded? Even the best data centre protection is powerless in these situations.

To address these concerns, we provide tailored disaster recovery services to fit in with your business continuity plans. We can set up a hot standby site – a replica of your infrastructure – in another of our data centres, thereby eliminating all single points of failure. Alternatively you could use your secondary site for global load balancing so that you serve your content to your end users from the closest site to their location, minimising latency and improving application performance and reliability.

Same high levels of service

Whatever your approach, you can be sure that your disaster recovery / secondary infrastructure will enjoy the same levels of security and resilience as your primary site, including fully redundant power supplies and the latest in environmental controls and physical security. We have multiple connectivity choices in each data centre, so you can enjoy diverse routing through multiple providers, whilst we also provide our own inter-site network that can link your infrastructure rack-to-rack provisioned in a fraction of the time required by a traditional carrier.

Key benefits of our disaster recovery solution

  • Consultative approach:
    we provide a customised solution to suit your business continuity strategy;
  • Single supplier:
    You can enjoy the same processes and premium levels of service at each of our data centres, whether primary or standby;
  • Wide coverage:
    We have data centres across Europe to give you many disaster recovery options;
  • Highly connected:
    Our data centres house multiple network operators to enable diverse routing and full network redundancy;
  • Rack-to-rack Ethernet:
    Our own Ethernet network connects all of our data centres directly to your equipment.
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