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Internet connectivity - IP Multihome services

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Experience fully-redundant Internet connectivity with our IP Multihome service

Does your business depend on an ultra-reliable, ultra-high-quality Internet connection? Our Internet Connectivity or IP Multihome (IPMH) service gives you access to IP services from multiple carriers, providing superior performance and resilience. You get fully-redundant, wholesale Internet access without the expense and complexity of dealing with multiple service providers.

Multiple Tier 1 providers

To ensure maximum reliability, our IPMH service integrates IP services from six Tier 1 providers and six European Internet Exchanges – LINX, LoNAP, FranceIX, DEC-IX, AMS-IX and MIX. We provide up to 100% availability SLA guarantee and enhanced service levels. You receive a single bill and have a single point of contact for support.

Routing on the fly

We manage the distribution of your IP services traffic depending on the most efficient routing to the destination network. In the event of a failure of a carrier’s network, your traffic is automatically routed across the remaining connected networks. Additionally, all single points of failure are removed from our network and we can provide redundant hand-offs to your environment.

For high-speed connections in our data centres we provide cross connects between servers. This suits applications such as content delivery or electronic trading. In addition we offer proximity hosting for financial services companies that need high-speed connections to financial exchanges.

Key benefits of our Internet connectivity

  • Scalability:
    We can scale IP services from as little as 1 Mbps up to multigigabit speed, typically without any downtime;
  • Burst rates: we don't tie you to a fixed bandwidth and you can burst on demand to your full port speed;
  • High-speed cross connects:
    For fast server-to-server connections we provide direct cross connects and proximity hosting for financial services companies;
  • Redundancy:
    We ensure resilience through redundant access networks;
  • Multiple carriers:
    We work with a range of global and country specific carriers to ensure that you have the best IP services regardless of where you or your customers are based;
  • Internet exchanges:
    Our network extends to several major European cities where we host the main European Internet Exchanges to give you low hop-count and minimum latency.
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